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#IMSAgent Universal Device

Test and measure VoLTE, WiFi Calling and RCS services with an universal device, configurable and smartphone agnostic

Active Testing for VoLTE, WiFi Calling and RCS rollout and optimization

Smartphones have not been conceptually designed for testing purposes and even less for being intensively used 24/7. GSMA’s Network 2020 Issues Registry reveals that commercial devices are the most common cause of VoLTE, WiFi Calling and RCS issues. It means that test equipment based on smartphones end up facing outages due to high internal temperature, batteries swollen and also producing unreliable results. It should be testing the network but the reality is that you are testing just one device with a specific firmware version, and 1,218 commercial devices already support IMS based services.


IMSAgent Universal Device is the first universal, configurable and device agnostic test equipment specially designed for mobile operators, network equipment vendors and service providers adopting IMS based services to satisfy realistic network performance metrics with a device-agnostic approach.

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Provide a standard set of test cases for Social Network, Video, Gaming, Communications and Music.


Automate the test case execution on real devices. IPhone, Android and Windows, with supporting old and latest versions.


Correlate automatically traffic between test case results and network traffic identified within PGW and DPI network elements.


Test many different networks using the same mechanism, producing comparable results at any time during the life cycle of the service.

VoLTE Configurable


For exercising the network in real world conditions, enabling engineers to easily identify performance and interoperability issues.

VoLTE Device Agnostic


Measurements to help mobile network operators to isolate issues related UEs, Radio and CORE network.

VoLTE Universal Device

Key Features

VoLTE Report
VoLTE Universal Device
  • Test Voice over LTE and WiFi using a laptop or set-top box.

  • Based on industrial hardware specifically designed for testing purposes, providing a high-reliable approach with repeatable results.

  • Setup of the system doesn’t require any involvement of operator’s employees, a SIM card is more than enough.

  • Comprehensive predefined set of test cases, ready to use, for every different area related to VoLTE, WiFi Calling and RCS.

  • Real-time test results, network traces and audio captures.

  • Powerful analytics able to correlate information from different domains and also discard non-qualified results.

  • Modern visualization framework which integrates test results with passive signalling analysis.

Use Cases

VoLTE Rollout and Optimization


Ensure site and cluster verification and optimization, reduced re-runs due to device bugs, immediate pass/fail results.

VoLTE Network Benchmarking



Compare the performance of your network with local neighbours, and also with lead operators worldwide. 

VoLTE Regression Testing



Ensure a change has not caused faults in changed and unchanged parts to customer experience. Provide an automated continuous testing process for DevOps.


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