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No tool is ever as valuable as the network engineer

Fast Results and all done for you, get more return on
your investment in your network

Want results fast? We offer short intensive network analytics programs for Communication Service Providers in relation to 5G, LTE, IMS, VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling, TV-Video, RCS, Zero-Rating, NFV-SDN and IoT.  Mantica Optimization-as-a-Service (OaaS) provide consultancy, network optimization strategies and implementation based on measurable business goals.


Want it all done for you? We are a full service online company, we have the tools businesses need to become the best customer experience, the best connectivity option and most importantly, get more return on your investment in your network. But we don’t focus on any specific tool … No tool is ever as valuable as the network engineer. Mantica supplement your own technical staff with network experts and reduce project risk by performing real-world analysis.

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Network Optimization Valuable Data


Identify the most valuable data sources according to the service and purpose.

Network Optimization Reliable Information


Assure that information collected is loaded into the analytics tool is solid.

Network Optimization Insights


Identify issues, and root cause of problems, that impact on customer experience and network performance.

Our professional assessments

  • Supplement your own technical staff with Mantica network experts.

  • Reduce project risk by performing real-world analysis.

  • Offer an easily expensed service (capex vs. opex).

  • Create an easy, "lightweight" approach.

  • Deliver actionable insight into your infrastructure with OaaS, Mantica provides:

    • Access to world-leading analytcis equipment.

    • Proven, repeatable measurement plans and methodologies.

    • Highly experienced network experts. Optimization as a service improves ROI while reducing the strain on internal resources.

We help keep high-profile deployments on track, ensuring your end-users' ultimate quality of experience (QoE).

Use Cases

Network Optimization Zero Rated Traffic


Guarantee qualifying App traffic is accurately zero-rated for each individual App.

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Network Optimization VoLTE


Enhance voice quality. Wideband codec extended coverage. Improve spectral efficiency. Faster call setup time. Simultaneous voice and LTE data. Evolution from voice to rich next.

> Learn More

Network Optimization Video


Optimize Costs. Evaluate Network Capacity (Cell, RAN, CORE) VS User Experience. Cache VS no Cache - ABR VS Progressive.

> Learn More


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