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How zero-rating is impacting on customer behaviour?

Actualizado: 17 jun 2019

Zero-rating in mobile markets is emerging across Europe as well as the USA. The number of zero-rated offers differs significantly between countries. AT&T, Orange, T-Mobile, Verizon and Vodafone are already providing pricing plans based on zero-rated services.

Fortunately, technology is in our favour so charging-billing systems have been evolving significantly during the last 6 years. This evolution is allowing Marketers to design campaigns for increasing perceived relationship value and greater monetization opportunities.

Vodafone Verizon T-Mobile AT&T

Zero-rating strategies can be used for attracting new users (Voxi by Vodafone), promote proprietary content (FreeBee by Verizon), highly attractive audio and video content (StreamOn by T-Mobile), promote events (university websites at Vodacom) and monetize existing users (Sponsored Data by AT&T).

One of the potential issues is that customers are not aware of the amount of data consumed with these applications and every content must be tested accurately. The operator must confirm that zero-rated applications are properly configured within the network, it will secure that customers don't exceed their data allowance using any application included in the offering. This issue can have an enormous impact on customer behaviour.

What is your reaction when you are told Netflix is free and for some reason, you run out in the middle of an episode of your favourite series? your operator may be tearing down trust, loyalty and missing any upsell opportunity with you.

Certainly, there is a way to manage this issue. First; Performing Apps test cases before marketing campaigns and promotions take place and regression testing at any time for managing any potential issue in advance. Developers are upgrading their Apps frequently, Content Delivery Networks are constantly allocating resources according to customer's demand and also operator's packet network is evolving regularly.

Second; Correlating automatically App test cases results together with charging events collected from inside the network.

Finally; Determining how good Packet Core network is able to identify zero-rated data traffic. It requires to use the latest Apps available in marketplaces and the most representative devices at every different market.

Feel free to reach us if you want to do more to overcome issues related to customer satisfaction.

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