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ZerOps Evolution Pack 2 Release

Actualizado: 17 jun 2019

ZerOps Evolution Pack 2 Release

The latest version of ZerOps is 2.0 and includes the latest and greatest features from MANTICA R&D team.

MANTICA is proud to announce the ZerOps Evolution Pack 2. It provides ongoing support for measuring zero-rated data accuracy services in relation to Mobile Applications. This new release features over 100 improvements and 20 new Apps to the most popular active testing mechanism for measuring P-GW accuracy, with two major features aimed at testers and service assurance teams: New scheduling process that allows to duplicate the amount of test cases performed during the same period of time and the capability to collect network traces available for iOS and Android.

#ZerOps Evolution Pack 2 is a software product that combines App Test Results with CDRs produced inside is in order to measure how well P-GW is able to detect zero-rated traffic for each individual App.

And now, the big question is, what is new in ZerOps Evolution Pack 2?

New Scheduling Process. A new scheduling method that allows the user to define precisely the duration of test cases execution.

Collection of Network Traces. Network captures feature has been integrated into the tests, user can easily to active or deactivate the collection of traces.

Automatic Device Outage Detection. Test Case detects a potential outage or stability issue and it automatically restarts the device.

Improved UMTS and LTE Attach/Detach procedures. The Device Manager has now the capability to perform a more reliable attach/detach procedure that force the creation of a CDR within Operator’s Network.

New Scheduling Interface. User can build quickly a Test Suite by selecting Apps and Actions to be performed for each individual App.

New and Updated App test cases based on latest Apps version:

  • Facebook

  • Messenger

  • Instagram

  • Viber

  • Twitter

  • Snapchat

  • WhatsApp

  • Skype

  • Spotify

  • Apple Music

  • Sound Cloud

  • Netflix

  • Pinterest

  • Amazon Video

  • Amazon Music

  • Tidal

  • Vevo

  • Napster

  • Deezer

  • Telegram

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