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Mantica has joined the Open Source MANO #OSM Community

Actualizado: 17 jun 2019

Mantica Solutions is proud to announce that it has joined the Open Source MANO(OSM) Community which is an ETSI-hosted project to develop an Open Source NFV Management and Orchestration (MANO) software stack aligned with ETSI NFV.

ETSI NFV architectural framework is fusing NFV Orchestrator and VNF Manager, known as NFV MANO. Additional layers, such as service orchestration are also required for operators to enable true NFV services. Open Source software can facilitate the implementation of an ETSI aligned NFV architecture, provide practical and essential feedback to the ETSI ISG NFV and increase the likelihood of interoperability among NFV implementations.

Jose Gonzalez, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, Mantica Solutions said, “Mantica Solutions is proud to join the Open Source Mano community. We are excited to collaborate on ETSI NFV architectural framework with industry leaders and help promote wider adoption of the open-source based products.”

Mantica Solutions is a strategic engineering and software partner to many leading Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs), across the globe. This membership will enable Mantica Solutions to accelerate the adoption of open source for all the testing software needs Open Source Mano.

In the last two years, Mantica Solutions has been testing and certifying a broad range of VNF functions from many different vendors, including vEPC, vIMS, vPCRF, session border control, firewall, online charging system and other.

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