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RCS Interconnection: How an operator can be ready for this critical point?

Actualizado: 17 de jun de 2019

Since the dawn of RCS deployment, the interconnection has been the main challenge that operators have faced without any doubt whatsoever. Given the number of different vendors that the operators use in their RCS solutions, issues that did not exist from a user to network (UNI) point of view, arise significantly when a network to network (NNI) connection is involved.

Svenn-Erik Hagen, System Manager for Messaging

"We have experienced a professional and sufficient Mántica supporting Telenor in testing our RCS solution. Our challenges were delivered on time showing a company with leading expertise and resources capable of taking on board the newest technology for customers like Telenor."

Due to this problem, the availability of testing procedures becomes essential. At Mántica, we take care of the entire testing phase of the RCS interconnection: from the automated execution of a complete battery of tests (including all the services defined in the GSMA guidelines) in the staging and production environments to the detailed trace analysis based on multiple technical specifications.

RCS Interconnection is a highly complicated technical project which requires strong management and intensive collaboration between all the participants involved at all stages. These testing procedures are essential for operators since they will have quality assurance in every phase of the integration, which will lead to a faster service setup and greater customer satisfaction.

At Mántica, we have a great experience working with many different operators, vendors and RCS HUB/Clients, therefore the different interconnection possibilities are covered by our recognized expertise. RCS certification procedure aims to facilitate interoperable interconnected launches worldwide. This is considered as a good opportunity to take advantage of our capabilities and quality assessment of RCS services and, ultimately, save operator resources.

Our recent experience with Telenor, where we successfully managed to carry out the validation of the interconnection environment between it and a well-known operator, bears witness to it.

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