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Mantica extends IMSAgent with the first IMS Universal Device for testing and measuring VoLTE, WiFi C

Actualizado: 17 de jun de 2019

IMSAgent is used by the world’s most quality conscious operators to reduce the time, risk and cost of deploying VoLTE and other IMS services. It makes performance visible end-to-end, through network testing that supports tests run from virtualized, scalable software agents utilizing a custom IMS client that enable drill-down on issues to any element within the service.

IMSAgent Universal Device is the first universal, configurable and device agnostic test equipment specially designed for mobile operators, network equipment vendors and service providers adopting IMS based services to satisfy realistic network performance metrics with a device agnostic approach.

The device is a laptop and set-top box based solution. IMSAgent Universal Device offers a full test solution for wireless network testing / mobile network testing, troubleshooting, and optimization.

A next-gen voice world may not be far away. According to Deloitte, "more than 60% of all broadband subscribers would be utilizing Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology for voice services by 2023 surpassing 5 billion subscribers globally. It is estimated that more than 90% of all mobile subscribers will constitute of broadband subscribers by 2023 thereby making VoLTE the most prevalent voice technology in the future."

GSMA confirms that there are 1,218 VoLTE devices, the number of issues related to commercial devices (GSMA’s Network 2020 Issues Registry) is also a key problem. One of the most common issues has been compromised audio as a result of the capacity required for the UE to manage the required number of speech frames in the incoming RTP Packet. This means that a device agnostic solution is needed in order to differentiate issues in relation to Network/Service vs UE. There are important differences in terms of IMS clients affecting customer experience between devices/releases. It means that a testing system based on a limited number of smartphones can't be relevant enough for measuring the quality and performance of a network.

Built on an innovative software architecture that allows the evolution of the device as the RAN and CORE network demands, and complex UE emulation, IMSAgent Universal Device delivers:

  • Universal Device is able to test many different networks using the same mechanism, producing comparable results at any time during the life cycle of the service.

  • Configurable test cases for exercising the network in real world conditions, enabling engineers to easily identify performance and interoperability issues.

  • Device agnostic measurements to help mobile network operators to isolate issues related UEs, Radio and CORE network.

  • Predefined set of test cases, ready to use, for every different VoLTE, WiFi Calling and RCS technology area.

  • Real-time upload of test results, network traces and audio captures.

  • Powerful analytics able to correlate information from different domains and also discard non-qualified results.

  • Modern visualization framework which integrates test results with passive signalling analysis.

Universal Device is supported by Mantica’s IMSAgent test solution for testing and validating actively customer experience in the Lab and Live Networks.

LEARN MORE about the first universal, configurable and device agnostic test equipment specially designed for testing VoLTE, WiFi Calling and RCS rollout and optimization.

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