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7 Reasons Why Testing With IMSAgent Universal Device is Crucial. #2 Scalable for Any Stage

Actualizado: 17 de jun de 2019

The Mobile industry has already begun to move away from device-based, closed-off test equipment in favour of software and connected tools.

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Hard-coded Networks

According to the GSMA currently, 1218 different types of mobile device models provide support for VoLTE services. VoLTE / ViLTE launches are increasing making device configuration a major issue driving up OPEX / CAPEX costs due to non-centralised individual approaches.

A major obstacle for the proliferation of VoLTE services has been the lack of automated device configuration. Without this device configuration, the handsets cannot connect correctly to the operators’ VoLTE services.

A few years back those operators who launched VoLTE have had to perform extensive network configuration and testing projects to customize their networks to support a limited selection of handset models.

IR.92 v11 and regional profiles are available these days for helping to reduce fragmentation, align operators to facilitate interoperability, reduce optionality but late customisation of devices required to provide flexibility.

Some operators such as AT&T already supports more than 32 VoLTE devices, their networks have had to be “hard-coded” to support specific operating system software versions of those handsets. Reconfiguration and testing were required in the case of handset operating system updates.

By combining the number of device models and operating system software versions, test automation with devices becomes a non-scalable approach due to the long list elements that required to be supported. This is an approach that works in the early days of a VoLTE roll-out but unfortunately doesn't fly when the service becomes business as usual.

Designed and Built for Being Ecosystem's Representative

IMSAgent Universal Device is specially designed for mobile operators, network equipment vendors and service providers adopting IMS based services to satisfy realistic network performance metrics with a device-agnostic approach, based on a configurable and comprehensive set of test cases.

LEARN MORE about the first universal, configurable and device agnostic test equipment specially designed for testing VoLTE, WiFi Calling and RCS rollout and optimization.

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