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IMSAgent Evolution Pack 14 Release

Actualizado: 17 jun 2019

Mantica IMSAgent Evolution Pack 14 Release

The latest version of IMSAgent is 14 and includes the latest and greatest features from Mantica Solutions R&D team.

MANTICA is proud to announce the IMSAgent Evolution Pack 14. It provides ongoing support for testing and monitoring services in relation to VoLTE, WiFi Calling (VoWiFi), Voice over Broadband and Rich Communication Services (RCS). This is a new and major release that incorporates a modular-based and open architecture, a software layout that offers to Network Operators and Service Assurance Vendors the benefits of integrating IMSAgent into existing testing and monitoring systems.

And now, the big question is, what is new in IMSAgent Evolution Pack 14?

New architecture modular-based design. IMSAgent provides with the flexibility and scalability required for adapting to a more dynamic evolving technology.

Mantica Orchestrator Centre

New software components. Mántica Orchestrator Centre (MOC) is the module that makes integration simpler with third-party systems, and Mántica IMSAgent (MIA), which can be integrated within active testing agents, robots and probes.

Wide API (RESTful API) aiming to allow Network Operators and Service Assurance Vendors to integrate with the IMSAgent ecosystem.

Data is now available in the most popular format, CSV, and also fashionable way, such as JSON. Information can be both readily explored and consumed from third-party analytics systems.

Powerful and easy-to-use visualization framework which integrates real-time test results and allows to identify and troubleshoot networks issues, combining active test results and passive signalling collected inside the network.

LEARN MORE about the first universal, configurable and device agnostic test equipment specially designed for testing and monitoring VoLTE, WiFi Calling and RCS services.

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