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IMSAgent Evolution Pack 16 Release

Actualizado: 17 de jun de 2019

The latest version of IMSAgent is 16 and includes the latest and greatest features from Mantica Solutions R&D team. We have decided to reduce release cycle to 2 months (instead of 3) in order to get closer to our customers and their business goals. MANTICA is proud to announce the IMSAgent Evolution Pack 16. It provides ongoing support for testing and monitoring services in relation to VoLTE, WiFi Calling (VoWiFi), Voice over Broadband and Rich Communication Services (RCS). The new release of IMSAgent includes a new user interface (UI) that enables users to design and automate a test suite with our comprehensive set of test cases. Additionally, we have enhanced our Mantica Orchestration Centre with the capability to synchronize any number of active probes across the world. Lastly, we have continued enhancing our set of predefined test cases, for both RCS and VoLTE.

And now, the big question is, what is new in IMSAgent Evolution Pack 16?

New Mantica Automation Portal UI. Our flexible MOC3API allows to integrate any third-party scheduler. Customers have been requesting for an easy and intuitive user interface, so we have decided to attend their demand and a new UI has been implemented for the automation of activities. Just a few clicks away from starting to detect network failures!

Centralized management of all active probes. From now on, our customers will be able to perform a test case involving multiple active, probes deployed in different locations, thanks to the capabilities implemented in our Mantica Orchestration Centre.

Enhancement of RCS Test Cases. The suite of RCS Test Cases, part of the broad suite of RCS test cases available, has been redesigned to improve quality metrics accuracy. Test Cases that have been enhanced are:

  • TC-01.03.01 Capability Discovery via OPTIONS

  • TC-01.04.01 1-to-1 Chat

  • TC-01.04.04 1-to-1 Chat with Store and Forward

  • TC-01.05.03 File Transfer via HTTP

  • TC-01.06.01 Video Share

  • TC-01.07.01 Call Composer

Continues supporting to legacy technologies. At Mántica we are focused on leading technologies but because of our commitment to helping our customers ensuring their network during the smooth transition for moving to VoLTE, we are aware that legacy technologies (Circuit Switched oriented technologies) are of vital importance. This has encouraged us to enhance the following Test Cases by adding new metrics:

  • TC-02.03.04 VoLTE to 3G UMTS Voice Call

  • TC-02.03.05 3G UMTS to VoLTE Voice Call

  • TC-02.03.06 VoLTE to 2G GSM Voice Call

  • TC-02.03.07 2G GSM to VoLTE Voice Call

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