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Secure a successful customer experience impact for zero-rating campaigns



The Turnkey Solution Designed to Guarantee Qualifying App Traffic is Accurately Zero-rated

Zero-rating in mobile markets is emerging across Europe as well as the USA. One of the potential issues is that customers are not aware of the amount of data consumed with these applications and every content must be tested accurately. The operator must confirm that zero-rated applications are properly configured within the network, it will secure that customers don't exceed their data allowance using any application included in the offering. This issue can have an enormous impact on customer behaviour.


Now with Mantica’s ZerOps, MNOs can secure a successful impact of zero-rating campaigns on customer behaviour, and reduce the risk and complexity associated with zero-rated those. A turnkey solution easy to use for testing with devices and correlating test results with P-GW and DPI information. You don’t have to be an expert to achieve complete end-to-end service validation.

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Zero Rating Test Cases


Provide a predefined set of test cases for Social Network, Video, Gaming, Communications and Music.

Zero Rating Devices


Automate the test case execution on commercial devices. IPhone and Android, supporting old and latest versions.

Zero Rating Analytics


Correlate automatically traffic between test case results and network traffic identified within PGW and DPI network elements.

  • Powerful analytics able to correlate information from different domains and also discard non-qualified results.

  • Modern visualization framework which integrates test results with passive signalling analysis.

  • Real-time upload of test results, network traces and CDRs.

  • A wide range of commercially available consumer devices, including iPhone, Android and Windows.

  • Automation and management feature like inventory, reservations, scheduling, role-based access control, conflict resolution, and business intelligence.

  • Broad predefined set of Apps test cases including Social Network, Video, Gaming, Communications and Music.

Zero Rating Report

Key Features

Use Cases

Zero Rating APPS Life Cycle


Ensure qualifying app traffic is properly zero-rated during the life cycle of Apps. By testing that Zero-Rated rules have been applied properly within the network.

Zero Rating Seasonal Campaigns


Secure that customers are Zero-Rated during Christmas, Summer, … Campaigns. By performing Testing as a Service for every App included in the Marketing campaign before the event.

Zero Rating Marketing Promotions



Secure the customers are Zero-Rated during a concrete App promotion. By performing Testing as a Service for the App included in the promotion before the event.


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