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Drive your organization toward full DevOps

CloudShell Model
CloudShell Orchestrate
CloudShell Deploy


Model complex infrastructure and application sandbox environments.


Create powerful orchestration workflows that are aware of the entire sandbox model and triggered off specific sandbox events..


Deploy full application stacks into sandboxes, publish sandbox blueprints to a shared self-service catalog, and integrate with DevOps tools.

Enterprises today are facing intense pressure to become more agile and reduce costs. This means moving to DevOps and taking an automated “as-a-service” approach to delivering infrastructure and applications. But manual processes, infrastructure, and application complexity make this shift a challenge.


Quali’s CloudShell Cloud Sandboxing Software brings the power of self-service and cloud to your entire organization with support for full-stack automation of application and infrastructure environments. That means your teams get on-demand, self-service access to environments that can include physical, virtual, and cloud resources.

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Delivering Self-Service, On-Demand, Full-Stack IT Environments for Hybrid Cloud

CloudShell Lab Management

Key Features

  • Model infrastructure and applications that replicate complex production environments.

  • Create powerful orchestration workflows inside of sandboxes. Snapshot, save, restore, configure, and monitor sandbox resources with ease.

  • Easily deploy full application stacks into sandboxes, publish sandbox blueprints to a shared self-service catalog for on-demand access by all your teams, and allow DevOps tools to consume sandboxes for full DevOps automation.

  • Unique smart multi-tenancy ensures that many users can run in isolated Sandboxes while sharing infrastructure and networks without conflict.

  • Lab automation and management features like inventory, reservations, scheduling, role-based access control, conflict resolution, and business intelligence.

Use Cases

CloudShell Accelerate Time To Market


Cut the time required for development, testing, QA, demos, training and support, and get to market faster. Cut environment configuration and deployment times from weeks to minutes.

CloudShell Driver Your Organization Towards Full DevOps


Give every developer and tester a personal replica of the production environment for use throughout the full DevOps cycle so that the product you build is “production ready” the first time.

CloudShell Reduce Risk Improve Product Quality


Your ability to accurately replicate a complex hybrid environment in the lab very early in the development process means fewer bugs found in test, QA, production or at the customer level.


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